Widespread corruption in the judiciary corrupt judicial offices are to be declared as anti national, says Madras High Court Judge

Madras HC

Corrupt judicial officers are to be declared as anti-nationals, Justice SM Subramaniam said, calling for drastic measures to be put in place to control corruption in different ways. This observation was made by the judge while considering a petition calling for the suspension of a public servant involved in a criminal offense investigated by the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Wing, Erode.

The Judge also described corruption that occurs in the fields of education and work. Unless the public servant is bribed in the burial ground maintained by the state or local bodies, the dead body will not receive adequate burial timing, the judge said.

Judicial Corruption:

The Judge said that corruption in the judiciary is the greatest enemy of the constitution, and the judiciary must also take drastic steps to control corruption in different forms. Corrupt judicial officers, as well as public servants, are to be declared as anti-nationals.
They are anti-nationals as they obstruct our Great Nation’s developmental activities. The great thinkers found that corruption is the greatest obstacle for developmental activities. When it is realised that corruption is the barrier for developmental performance of our country, what kind of description one can propose. Certainly such persons are anti-nationals. Terrorists are declared as anti-social elements. Thus, persons corrupt and acting against the developmental activities of our Great Nation are also to be declared as anti-nationals.

Blood Patriotism in Children’s

The judge lamented that the social evil of corruption has now become an accepted social phenomenon and that Justice Subramaniam has also provided solutions to the corruption problem for many people. The following said by him,” The constitution’s philosophies and ethos that must be taken into account and taught to the citizen right from their childhood. Patriotism is to be injected into this Great Nation’s children’s blood. A distinct and different perceptions and a high level of thought are certainly required. The non-corrupt and right-minded minority must be encouraged and protected by the constitutional courts and the competent authorities to ensure that the fight against corrupt majority is advanced. The non-corrupt minority is’ Pandavas’ and the corrupt majority is’ Kauravas .This court is fond of hoping that the non – corrupt minority will certainly win the battlefield against corruption if the spirit of democracy and constitutional principles among this great nation’s youth is advanced and implemented.”


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