The SC on Monday Reprimanded the State of Assam.


The Supreme Court on Monday Reprimanded the State of Assam for its submission that thousands of illegal immigrants declared as foreigners by its Foreigner’s Tribunals have absconded and merged with general public.

Assam is one of the states of India which possesses a serious threat of illegal threats of foreigners and recently the Supreme Court has raised the situation of this problem to the Assam Government and takes corrective measures of illegal immigrants that had migrated from Bangladesh. Apparently, there are 91,609 people have been declared as an illegal immigrants in Assam and among these, 72,486 have been absconding and around 900 people are in lodged in the centre. The Court has denied the decision taken by the State Government of Assam declared illegal immigrants as a foreigner and merged with general public. Supreme Court has raised serious questions regarding the illegal immigrants who are merging with local people and summoned the government to trace and declared them as an illegal immigrant. As per the source, there are many undeclared immigrants in Assam who have mingled with the local people and it is the biggest challenge to the successive government to resolve this problem. Illegal immigration into Assam were the core issue behind the Assam Student Movement. It is obvious that an illegal immigrant in Assam was not a religious issue but an ethnic issue. The Assam Movement was started from 1979 to 1985 in order to curb illegal immigrants and the main aim of this movement was to detect the immigrants and deported from India. Due to illegal immigrants the Assamese people have become a minority. During the Movement it was found that Assam’s population has escalated because of large number of people migrating from Bangladesh. In order to solve this problem the Leader of Bangladesh had made the tripartite agreement with the Government of Assam, Government of India and Government of Bangladesh but as per the census, the population of Bangladesh has actually gone down because the people migrated to other countries. Current Government of India want to resolve the problem of Assam and assured that not even single illegal immigrants will allow entering the Assam, if they won their second term of elections.


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