The Ayodhya Verdict


The Ayodhya city near river Saryu known as Janmabhoomi (place of birth) of Lord Ram is said to have a temple of Lord Rama in early ancient ages. It is also said that a mosque by Mir Baqi, General of Babur which was built at the same site by destroying the temple.

Now the dispute whether the temple was destroyed or modified into the mosque has taken the face of social political and historical aspects.

Earlier Muslims used to pray inside the mosque and Hindus used to pray at Ram Chabutra (a raised platform) near the mosque. Later the plea for making Ram temple by Hindus was denied by the court.

In late December 1949, some people kept Lord Ram idol inside the mosque and rumored that the idol has appeared magically. This raised the tension between Hindus and Muslims in a religious perspective. 

Court Decreed that there will be no entry of public, either Hindu or Muslim in the mosque due to the tension.

This religious problem further took political nature when Congress to impress Hindus following the judgment of court removed the lock of the mosque.

Hindus were obviously happy but Muslims felt discriminated on the grounds of religious rights. It was disappointing for Muslims that Congress which has always been a secular party has taken such a step.

Later VHP near the disputed area kept Shilanyas (Stone laying ceremony) in the name of Bhoomi poojan. VHP assured that there will be no outrage among people and many joined this ceremony. But again which was expected multiple riots in different cities happened.

Then BJP came into power and Kalyan Singh became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Soon after BJP came into power around 2.77 acres of land was acquired for tourism by them and was leased to a trusted name JanmaBhoomi Nyas (This trust is the one which is taking ahead of the Ayodhya case).

On one hand where VHP and Babri Masjid action committee failed to resolve the dispute themselves. On the other hand, the tension between state and central government on construction of a platform for Ram Mandir took place.

Then VHP Dharam Sansad announced 6th December the day of the meet for karsevak ensuring the court again that no construction will be done on the site and more than two lakh people gathered at Ayodhya on the same date.

On 6th December, when BJP and VHP leaders were delivering speeches the karsevaks climbed up Babri Masjid and started demolishing it. The same day CM Kalyan Singh resigned and in a day a small Ram Mandir was set up at the destructed area.

This scenario led to multiple riots at a very vast level in not only in India but in Pakistan and Bangladesh, also many temples were destroyed in other countries with Anti-Hinduism movement and in India, around 2000 people died in riots.

According to the reports, BJP and VHP leaders were held liable for such mass level destruction, and Court ordered Archaeological Survey of India to do excavation and find the evidence of the presence of Ram Mandir at the site if any.

ASI reports were held conclusive and were left debatable but in 2010 Allahabad High Court considered and use ASI report as a basis and gave verdict allotting the disputed land among three parties: Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas, Suni Waqf board, and Nirmohi Akhara. None of the parties were satisfied with the verdict and the case went Supreme Court.

The court verdict stated that the mediation process will opt for the full satisfaction of Hindus and Muslims. This is not a dispute about private property. It involves the public right to worship,” justice Bobde said. “Even if there is a 1% chance of mediation working, we must avail it.”

The Supreme Court referred and appointed retired apex court judge FMI Kalifulla as the head and senior advocate Sriram Panchu and spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that hail from Tamil Nadu as meditation members. “Respecting everyone, turning dreams to reality, ending long-standing conflicts happily and maintaining harmony in society – we must all move together towards these goals. #ayodhyamediation,” Sri Sri Ravishankar tweeted. This social, religious and political matter is in hope to end peacefully sooner.



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