Ram Ki Janmabhoomi- A Movie in Conflict

ram janambhoomi

By looking at the title and the trailer of the movie ,it can be easily
guessed that the movie is based on Babri Masjid case. The movie is
Directed by Sanoj Mishra. Govind Namdev and Manoj Joshi will be in
Lead Roles.On one hand where some viewers must have felt negative
vibes out of trailer, on the other hand some viewers must have felt
positive vibes. The release of the trailer became controversial and
debatable as it affected the political agendas of the party whose one of
the winning factors could be Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid. The other
reason for controversy could be the producer and writer of the movie
Mr. Waseem Rizwi who is also the member of Shia Waqf Board.
The trailer begins with justifying it’s title i.e scenes for Ayodhya’s Babri
Masjid and people protesting , later people are shown killed , muslims
and Hindus demanding their rights. The movie is based on real events
so it is expected that only the truth.
It is very obvious for a common being to judge the movie by himself
and so the petitioner
Prince Yakub Habeebuddin Tucy did , he filled the petition claiming that
the contents of the movie are defaming the Mughals, and could create
communal tensions in the country.
The courts in his previous judgment said that the people have to be
tolerant if freedom of speech and expression, guaranteed under the
Constitution, has to survive.
And the judgement was quite similar to the one in Ushaben v. Bhagya
Laxmi Chitra Mandir : Plaintiff sued the defendant for permanent
injunction as movie,”JAI SANTOSHI MAA” was hurting the religious
sentiments as Goddess were depicted as jealous. No compensation
was granted to plaintiff in the above case.
Later court directed the film producer of Ram Ki Janmabhoomi To
arrange a preview screening for the petitioner to satisfy his doubts
against the movie , the court gave petitioner the right to come to court
again if he felt anything unreal , unreasonable and objectionable.


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