Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is very common games popular among youth worldwide. But there are many issues arises due to this games which hampers the society and many parents are complaining that their kids are so addicted by this games that they do not have time to concentrate in their studies as many kids are detached from their studies. In some countries there are dreadful activities happened by this games as it is affecting the mental system of the kids which ruins the future of the children. PUBG is also popular in Nepal as many Nepalese people like to play and enjoy among their friends but after the recent incident took places in their neighboring country, India due to this game the Federal Investigation Agency of Nepal and the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) have requested the government to banned this game in Nepal and the Supreme Court of Nepal has stayed the Government order that banned PUBG Mobile according to a Himalayan Times Report, which is one of the most popular newspaper in Nepal. As per the recent studies, the bans are just, fair and reasonable and it is essential to protect the youth and also maintain law and order of the country.


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