Notice In Plea Seeking Strict Action Against Political Parties Who Use Religion/Caste Issues In Political Campaigns


Harpreet Mansukhani, an NRI, filled writ petition before the Supreme Court seeking corruption free election in accordance to section 123 of Representation of the People Act. The petitioner wrote “The concept of Secular Democracy promised under the Indian Constitution for purity of elections is mandatory in order for a Democracy to thrive and succeed. It is a must for the Election and other legislative bodies to be kept free from unhealthy corrupt practices and unhealthy appeals of influence of appeals to religion race, caste, community or language that could have devastating effect on a country and its constitution. Elections in India are being mutilated under the evil influence of the “Divide and Rule Policy” through evil influences of caste and religion which has led to communalism of politics which is a major concern for the security of people from the forces within and from forces outside the country. The communalism and caste based politics has crossed all barriers which can result into an unknown alarmingly dangerous situation.”

SC Directs ECI To Increase VVPAT Verification

EVM stands for Electronic Voting Machine. These machines have been used in the elections since 1999 paving the way for electronic voting. An EVM is designed with two units: the control unit and the balloting unit. These units are joined together by a cable.

Petition is to maintain the purity of electoral process For real results in and in accordance to the voters of country In the forthcoming general election.The Chief Justice, however, accepted the submissions of the ECI that more VVPAT verification would create issues of infrastructure.EVMs to continue to be chosen

The Supreme Court raised the VVPAT physical verification from 1 to 5 EVMs in each assembly segment of a parliamentary constituency.

We Should Hang Our Face In Shame: Madras HC

Losing the husband is painful and that too, at the age of 29 years is very cruel. She will be put to untold misery and mental agony psychologically, physically and emotionally apart from the social stigma. Even a sight of a widowed lady is not considered to be auspicious in our conservative society, for which, we should hang our face in shame. Even after so many decades of social advancements and in spite of works of many leaders, like, Rajaram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Gandhi, still women are not equally treated and that too, a widowed lady has to face discrimination in social functions as well as auspicious occasions. Rejection of her presence in the auspicious functions and non-recognition would still further add agony and frustration in the mind of the lady and she has to live with that for the rest of her life.” Justice Kirubakaran observed in National Insurance Company Limited v. P. Rajalaxmi . The court disposed the appeal filed by insurance company holding that the claimants are entitled to a sum of Rs.16,00,000 along with interest at 7.5% per annum from the date of petition.

Manipur Journalist’s Detention

Wangkhem, who was a journalist with a local news channel ISTV, had posted critical comments in Facebook against Chief Minister N Biren Singh, PM Modi and RSS. He posted videos in Facebook calling CM a “puppet” of PM Modi, and also criticising the move of the state government to celebrate the birth anniversary of Rani Jhansi as totally unnecessary. We have no hesitation to come to the conclusion that non furnishing of the pictures with copies alleged to have been posted by the petitioner on his Facebook wall on 07.08.2018 and the compact disc containing four clips of the petitioner vitiates the very detention order dated 27.11.2018″, held the Division Bench.  

The political parties restrictions

The Representation of the People’s Act, 1951 governs law of election in India.

  • Exercising Undue Influence [Section 123(2)]
  • Appeal to vote on grounds of race, religion, caste, language etc. [Section 123(3)]
  • Promote/Attempt to promote feeling of enmity or hatred between classes of citizens [Section 123(3A)]
  • Publication of a statement which is false [Section 123(4)] Propagation of the practice of Sati [Section 123(3B)]

The parties standing for elections cannot exercise the following above mentioned. If so is found by anyone, As per the Act, the complaint has to be filed in the form of an Election Petition before the High Court.


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