How to crack D.U LL.M Entrance Exam


The entrance exam for LLM basically focuses on the syllabus of LLB. LLM is the post graduate program for those pursuing law. The entrance exam cover all the important topics from LLB. The first thing a person should do is analyze previous years question papers. The question paper consist 100 question from various topics. For e.g. the constitutional law of India, Jurisprudence, Law of contracts, law of torts, Family law and many other topics.

There are generally multiple choice question in the paper. If you were god in LLB then LLM entrance might not be that tough for you.

The topmost priority must be solving 2-3 mock tests every day and then review them. You must solve all the question from previous days as it will help you remember for a long time.

Time management is also very important as you only get 2 hours to complete the test. Solving mock tests will really help you in managing time as the more you practice, you will have better accuracy after each and every mock.

While preparing for the exam it is not necessary to cover all topics (sometimes you don’t have enough time or there is one or two topics which are not interesting or those topic don’t interest you) but it’s better to cover as much syllabus as you can. If you’re not able to complete the whole syllabus make sure that the syllabus you have covered, you are thorough with that. Sleep is also very important factor while preparing for any entrance exam. Also, do not isolate yourself in the preparation of the exam. Go out, meet your friends and relax before starting your preparation.


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