Books for LLB Entrance Examination

Tips for D.U LLB Examinations:

5 things you must do to crack your CLAT:

Read the newspaper– Like a religious fanatic, make sure you’ve selected a proper national daily newspaper and read it daily from top to bottom spending at least one hour a day. This creat es a higher read speed, brushes up your English and gives you an advantage in the GK section that focuses heavily on current issues.

Solve last year’s paper question papers– Make sure you have access to all the important papers from the past year and a reliable solution booklet as a matter of life and death. A lot of random books are available. Since many of the CLAT questions are taken from past year papers and are always indicative of the kind of questions the CLAT continues to ask, it’s a must-do exercise.

Take seriously all sections– practice basic things such as maths and logical reasoning. Most people just commit the fatal flaw of assuming they can’t do the math section or some other random

excuse in their heads!! But remember that you may not have enjoyed it (and maybe even hated it), but at 10th WHICH MEANS you may have passed the math paper! So make sure you buy basic book s and practice and practice until you know they don’t go anywhere.

Health is important (remember it clearly)– above anything else, make sure through the preparation process that you stay healthy. Sometimes listening to mom and dad about food can go a lon g way! Be calm in the exam and make sure you have no problems with nervousness in the middle of it all!


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