Chinese video app : Tik Tok Ban


The TikTok app reportedly downloaded more than 200+ million times in India.Created by Beijing Bytedance Technology Co, TikTok allows users to create and share short videos with special effects. Tik tok is the platform for  jokes, short movies, songs, video clips, funny, comedy, patriotic videos, some funny challenges etc. Pattali Makkal Katchi founder Dr S. Ramadoss had demanded a ban on TikTok early in January 2019. He said several countries, including the US and France, had expressed their reservations and apprehension with the app for colouring young peoples’ minds. In February, the BJP’s chief of information technology, Amit Malviya, said the party was tracking TikTok conversations and called it “a brilliant medium for creative expression”. But also  In February, there was a huge uproar in the Tamil Nadu, as several Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) urged the central government to ban Tik Tok, as it promotes pornography and ruin the Indian traditions.

Madras High court on Wednesday heard public interest litigation against the app. The court agreed that Tik Tok was making children vulnerable to age-inappropriate content on its video sharing platform. The order also directs the media from telecasting videos made using the app.This decision has come after two months after Tamil Nadu’s minister M ManiKandan said that the government of Tamil Nadu will recommend the central government to ban the app, just like how it took steps when people were worried about the Blue Whale challenge.The minister was responding to a query from Thamimun Ansari, a state legislator, who claimed that the app hosts sexually explicit content and videos with morphed faces of innocent people.  Another app, Bigo Live, which claims to have over 150 million users worldwide, is also reportedly filled with obscene content. Tik Tok is already ban in Bangladesh and Indonesia. According to Children’s online privacy protection Act of USA The protection of children is mast from cyber bullying, The court said that India needs the same kind of asked for protecting young teenagers and children from any kind of cyber bullying.



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