For every institution to run in this society requires some form of approval, registration and paperwork for effective running and operation of institution. In India there are several institutions for higher education grouped into broad categories such as engineering, medical, law or legal, vocational institutes etc.

For law colleges the rules and regulation are framed by government and both BCI and department of higher education provides certain guidelines and mechanism for registering and approval of various new law colleges imparting education in the field of law.

The guideline of department of higher education varies from state to state but BCI guidelines remain the same.

Following are the guidelines and rules of Bar council of India formed after approval and consultation of government and state Bar council. 

Part –IV, Rules of Legal Education provides some rules relating law colleges in India

Above part chapter 1 section 1(a) says These Rules including the Schedules may be known as Rules of Legal Education – 2008.

Section 2(4) says “Centers of Legal Education” means

 (a) All approved Departments of Law of Universities, Colleges of Law, Constituent Colleges under recognized Universities and affiliated Colleges or Schools of law of recognized Universities so approved. Provided that a Department or College or Institution conducting correspondence courses through distance education shall not be included.

 (b) For National Law Universities constituted and established by statutes of the Union or States and mandated to start and run Law courses.

Section 2(22) says Recognized University” means a University whose degree in law is recognized by the Bar Council of India under these Rules.

CHAPTER III all about Inspection, Recognition and Accreditation

Section 15 provides for Annual Notification for application to be filed by newly proposed institutions.

Section 16 provides Conditions for a University to affiliate a Centre of Legal Education 

Where under 16(1)  provides that When a University receives an application for affiliation of a Centre of Legal Education to provide legal education by running professional degree program in law under either or both the streams then  the University before deciding acceptance may seek inspection from the Bar Council of India to ensure following thing

(i)  That the applicant organization proposing to run the institution is either already a non-profit organization of trust or registered society or a nonprofit company or any other such legal entity or has taken all legal formalities 

(ii) that institution has in its name either in freehold or leasehold, adequate land and buildings for purpose of Centre of Legal Education building, library room and halls of residences separately for male and female and sports complex both indoor and outdoor, so that it can effectively run professional law courses 

(iii) steps  in direction to recruit adequate number of full time and visiting faculty members to teach each subjects of studies, each faculty having at least a Master Degree in the respective subject as required under the UGC Rules,

 (iv) there should be separate Centers of Legal Education for the study of law under a separate Principal, who should be qualified in Law to be a Professor of Law as stipulated under UGC and Bar Council of India rules, 

(v) There is adequate space for reading in the library and there are required number of books and journals and adequate number of computers and computer terminals under a qualified librarian, 

(vi)Cases where the prior permission of the State Government is necessary, a no objection certificate is obtained to apply for affiliation, 

(vii) a minimum Capital Fund as may be required under Schedule III from time to time by the Bar Council of India, and put into a Bank Account in the name of the proposed Centre of Legal Education sponsored by any private sponsor or sponsors, and 

(viii) All other conditions of affiliation under the University rules as well as the Bar Council of India Rules are complied with. 

(2) After affiliation order is received from the University the Centers of Legal Education may only then apply for inspection by the Bar Council of India.Section 18 provides for Inspection of a University there is also accreditations system provided in section 30 Application for accreditation.


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